Putting a ballot in the hands of every eligible elector provides an opportunity for all voters to participate in the election process and could result in increases in voter turn-out rates.

Vote by Mail (VBM) is an alternative approach to conducting municipal elections. Instead of using traditional voting locations where electors go to cast ballots on Election Day, a VBM kit is mailed to each eligible elector on the Voters List. Electors can return the completed kits either through the mail or they can be hand delivered to a location specified by the municipality.

While an accurate voters’ list is key to any successful electoral event, it is a particularly valuable tool in supporting the use of vote by mail. DataFix’s VoterView includes a suite of features used to enhance the Vote by Mail process including, but not limited to:

  • data cleansing tools to improve mailing address quality and secure the best possible postage rates, with a reduction in return and misdirected mail volumes
  • technology to scan the barcode on the declaration form to record electors as having voted
  • a variety of voter participation reports
  • the ability to generate replacement kits and invalidate previous versions
  • a facility to track the status of Vote by Mail kits, for example: Kit Requested, Mailed, Received, etc.
  • a facility to scan and track returned mail and record the reason code

Vote by Mail is still used by many municipalities and was the election method of choice for 130 DataFix clients during the 2014 municipal election.

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